If you are not local to Southern California, or are someone who prefers to have a medical consultation from the comfort of your own home or office, you can work with me through phone or secure video conferencing consultations. Orders for blood work can be sent to your nearest lab, and any kits for functional or specialty testing can be mailed directly to you.


FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULT: This complimentary 15-minute consultation gives you the opportunity to meet me and learn about how Naturopathic medicine can address your health concerns. I will give you an overview of different ways we can approach your care. I will not be able to interpret labs or offer any medical advice during this consultation.   


This is a very thorough visit with purpose of gathering as much as information as I can about your current health complaints, past medical history, as well as what Naturopathic doctor's refer to as the foundations of health, your diet, water intake, sleep, exercise, and stress levels. Most importantly, we will work together to establish your health goals, address the obstacles that might be interfering with your health, and discuss tests and treatments that are both pertinent and feasible for you. Depending on your specific case, lab tests might be ordered at this visit. Treatment is often times not started until your next follow up visit so that I can spend a thorough amount of time reviewing your health history, any labs we might have ordered, and created a personalized health plan.


At this visit, I assess any new symptoms or changes to your current health picture. I will review any labs we might have ordered at your initial visit, and will provide you with your personalized treatment plan. 


These visits serve as a check in. We will talk about whether or not your current treatments are working for you. I check to see if your symptoms have improved, worsened, or stayed the same. We will also check in on sleep, stress, diet, etc. and any obstacles that might be getting in the way of complying with the recommend therapies. We will work together to make changes to the treatment plan if needed.